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If there’s something wrong with your iPhone and it needs to be booked in, there are a few steps you need to perform to get it ready.

Disable Find my Phone

Find my Phone is a feature that allows you to use GPS to track your phone and makes it basically worthless to thieves. When you book your Phone in for repair, Find My Phone will need to be disabled.

Disable Find My Phone on your iPhone

This assumes your iPhone is working enough to be able to get into the Settings. If you can’t get through this way, check the other step for Disabling via
Go to Settings -> [your name] -> (If you can’t see your name up the top, then scroll down and go straight into iCloud)

Scroll down to the very bottom and select Sign Out

You will need to enter your AppleID Password

Disable Find my Phone through

If your phone isn’t working, you can disable Find My Phone via the iCloud Website.
Before you do this, make sure your iPhone is turned off.
1. Go to

2. Enter your Apple ID Email Address and password

3. If it asks you for a verification code from one of your devices, you can enter this in here, then click on Find My Phone.
If you’re stuck on the verification code screen, you can continue by clicking “Find my iPhone” at the bottom of the screen.

4. At the top of the screen, click the dropdown box and select your phone.

If the phone has been seen recently, it will show up on the map. You will need to click the dropdown box again and a little X will appear to remove your phone.

If it hasn’t been located recently, it will show you the device and give you the option to “Remove from Account”

Back up your iPhone

If your iPhone is still turning on, you can back it up on a computer or through iCloud by following the instructions by clicking here.