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Holiday Gaming on Your Apple TV

Apple TV is a gaming console.  Does that come as a surprise?

You’ve always been able to use AirPlay to mirror your iPad and iPhone games onto your TV through Apple TV.  The launch of the new Apple TV (fourth generation) has taken big screen gaming forward by leaps and bounds.  There is now a dedicated App Store filling fast with games specifically designed for use on the new Apple TV.  These games can be controlled either with the Siri Remote that comes in the box, or serious gamers can purchase a third party wireless gaming controller.

If you were lucky enough to find an Apple TV fourth generation in your stocking this year, then it’s time to start some holiday play. The number of games is steadily growing, but we thought you’d point you in the direction of a few tried, tested and addictive games.


Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s endless snowboarding adventures were wildly popular on iPhone and iPad all last year.  Now this beautiful app has been designed for the big screen.   Best of all, if you already own the game, you will be able to download the Apple TV version for free.


Geometry Wars 3

Sierra’s hugely popular Geometry Wars series have sparked the rebirth of the twin-stick shoot-em-up action from long ago arcade days.  The game just looks fabulous on the big screen and is heaps of fun to play.  The only caveat is that your really need a wireless gaming controller to get the best out of this game.


Peg Ballet

Peg Ballet is a minimalist one-button take on bagatelle or pachinko.  You simply make your ball jump to knock out pegs.  Sounds a lot easier than it is.  Once you start you will find this is one of Apple TV’s biggest time sucks.  Great for a rainy day!

Beat Sports

This is the flagship exclusive game used for the Apple TV 3 launch.  It’s a get-happy game if we’ve ever seen one!  You play a “slugger” living in outer space with your baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club which you use to slug back all the balls that various aliens throw or spit at you.  The best bit (in our humble opinion) is that you have hit to the beat of some incredibly cheerful tunes.  Trust us….it may not be super challenging but this one will make you feel good.

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