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Holiday Entertainment – FREE iPad Games

Spare time: it’s the joy and the tyranny of summer holidays.  Its wonderful to have time to relax and focus on things other than work and school.  But especially on those rainy days, all that time can leave you and the kids climbing the walls.  So we’ve taken a look at the huge range of FREE iPad games and come up with our suggestions for a bit of family fun or private escape.  Enjoy!


Traffic Rider


Traffic Rider (Rated 4+)

This is a very simple game, but it channels the road warrior in all of us.  Duck and weave through traffic like a Hollywood stunt man, gain points for speeding, going against the flow of traffic and overtaking cars.  Perhaps not the best driving lesson, but a lot of fun!




Dashy Crashy

Dashy Crashy (Rated 4+)

Here’s another car game, but this one looks completely different to Traffic Rider.  It’s got a touch of old world gaming with colourful and fun visuals and fast paced gameplay.  Your goal is to get as far along the road as possible before the inevitable crash.  As you progress you unlock bigger and better vehicles.






CLOCKS – The Game (Rated 4+)

This is an addictively simple action game for all ages and has been a big hit for iOS devices.  You just tap to shoot with the aim of destroying as many clocks as possible.  It’s easy to play, but it’s hard to stop!




Sky Hoppers


Sky Hoppers (Rated 4+)

This game is a mix of memory and twitch reflex so it’s harder than it looks.  You simply have to guide your character along a designated path to collect over 50 characters.  But if you take to long the path will disappear and you will have to rely on your memory to find the way.  Frustrating…but addictive.



BrickiesBrickies (Rated 4+)

Brickies is a block smashing game (always satisfying) with a twist.  Rather than losing your ball if you miss with your paddles, it ricochets off the wall behind you.  And instead of playing for lives you’re fighting against a time limit: each missed shot makes your ball ineffective for a time period.





Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesStar Wars – Galaxy of Heroes (Rated 9+)

The smash hit blockbuster of the summer comes to your iPad screen.  This is a pared down role-playing game with all the iconic locations, heroes and villains that you love from the film.  It’s hard to access some of the more famous characters without shelling out a bit of cash – but the game is good fun even in it’s free format.




Gods of RomeGods of Rome (Rated 12+)

This is a brand new fighting game that puts players in the sandals of ancient warriors.  You are an “Ascendent” who must utilise the souls of the gods to restore order to the world.  This plays out as slashing and tapping to and from their opponents to initiate offensive and defensive abilities.  Great visuals and good fun.





AfterpulseAfterpulse (Must of 17+ to download)

This is an excellent third person shooter game, with an outstanding multiplayer experience, designed specifically for mobile devices.  It’s graphically rich and based on calculated combat, highly developed skills and tactical gadgets.  This game operates on a freemium model – so if you do get addicted it probably won’t end up being free.  But this one is really worth a look if you like these sheet-em-up type games.

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